State of Play - Identity Development, Website and Internal Client System

State of Play is a research and insight consultancy based in Brighton.

The brief to Scroobius was to create an identity which was "Youthful and in touch with trends, Creative and perhaps a little quirky, Serious and straight forward"; and Fresh, new, with energy" ...

All of the initial concepts presented reflected the symbology of research and fact-finding, however the target was chosen for its appropriateness and graphic quality. The final identity uses 5 bright colours for the centre of the circle on different key items.

Scroobius has developed a bespoke online File Management System for upload and sharing of research documents, and we are currently designing a new website.

Star Inn Alfriston - Print

"The Star has been a resting place to passers-by for over 800 years. Its charm and character are still very much alive in the fabric and atmosphere of the hotel. The Star is the perfect location for your break. Whether you are a leisure seeker, an executive or a weekender - this is your journey's end"

Scroobius handles all The Star Alfristons print requirements including corporate and special occasion brochures and flyers, quarterly postcards, vouchers, exhibition banners and stands, posters and everyday stationery and collateral. Scroobius also handles:

Star Inn Alfriston Advertising

Star Inn Alfriston E-marketing

The Soul Space - Identity Development and Website

"There is something magical about this space!"

To experience deep peace, pure sound and natural healing, and even a variety of workshops .. The Soul Space is the place to come .. set within Collingwood House, a historic and tranquil house set within the Kent countryside.

Scroobius created the identity based on hand-drawn "sound waves" which carries through on the unusually shaped business card and other items. The website www.thesoul-space.com needed to be colourful, yet calming; as well as accommodate the range of treatments offered at The Soul Space.

Acuhelp - Identity Development, Promotional Literature and Website

Acuhelp is an acupuncture and massage treatment rooms in Kent.

The identity needed to reflect "nature" yet be clean, professional and reassuring, to calm any possible anticipation over the acupuncture treatment itself!

Scroobius developed the identity, stationery, a promotional brochure and gift cards and the website www.acuhelp.co.uk

VSA Capital

VSA Capital Limited (VSA) is a London based investment bank providing corporate finance and corporate broking services to companies operating in the natural resources sector. VSA is the trading subsidiary of VSA Capital Group plc, whose shares are quoted on AIM.

Scroobius recently updated and launched a new content manageable website with full publishing approval system for VSA Capital, as well as creating new stationery and designing and artworking their latest Report and Accounts.

Knights Garden Centres

Knights are a family run business with one garden centre in Woldingham, and another in Warlingham, Surrey.

Scroobius developed their main website

www.knights-gardencentres.co.uk as well as the site promoting their distinctive conference and events venue The Dene

at www.the-dene.com

Software Dialog - Identity Development and Website

Software Dialog is a Surrey-based leading supplier of software licensing, security solutions and IT products.

Scroobius developed the identity which is loosely based on the PC "progress bar", stationery and website www.softwaredialog.co.uk

City Escapes Website

City Escapes are leaders in landscape design, construction and maintenance of gardens of all shapes and sizes, in the South East.

Scroobius redeveloped their website to create a bright, colourful and detailed showcase of the company's projects and services.